Preparing for your new Persian kitten:
Pet Supply list:
•  Evo Cat & Kitten Food Turkey & Chicken Formula - Dry

• If you are local to me - All food can be purchased at Pet Supply Plus and National Pet Supply.

I feed my adults Evo 95% Turkey & Chicken daily. This is a very healthy no grain diet.

If switching food, do it slowly & gradually. 

• Fresh water daily, change frequently.

• Litter box, a litter scoop and SweatScoop litter it's all natural and flushable.

• Scratching post (tall posts with rope are best)

• Pet carrier (remember kitty will get big)

• Cat comb. Use a wide metal greyhound comb daily. This will not “rip” through fur. (If you do not
comb Persians routinely, they will mat and you will end up having them shaved)

• Toys!


Frequently asked questions:
 A few things you should know about your new kitten…


How many times do I need to comb my kitten?

•Comb your kitty every day / every other day with a wide cat comb. (Greyhound comb in the dog supply isle is best). Be sure to get under the arms and behind the ears.

How many times do I wash my kitten's face?

•Wash kitties’ face every day. You can use Opticlear, or Bausch & Lomb saline solution for sensitive eyes (or CVS brand). Don’t use anything that says it gets the red out.


You can also mix a solution:
1 tablespoon of boric acid powder
12 oz. of boiling water.

Cool for 10 minutes,
then add 1 teaspoon witch hazel.
Keep container refrigerated & sealed.
Use this to wash face, cheeks and eyes with a clean cloth daily.
You can also buy
Eye Envy

I want to change my cats food, how do I do it?

If you decide to change the kitten’s diet, please do it slowly. A quick change in diet frequently gives a pet diarrhea. Please continue to feed (particularly males) wet food. I always add a little more water to the wet food. It is very good for them as they need plenty of moisture. (This also prevents UTI in the future.)

Grain vs. no grain diet, what's best?

Wet and dry foods that do not contain any Grain are best in my opinion. All natural or a raw diet is better.
Consider “no grain” cats don’t need grains.

What kind of litter should I use?

•I use SwheatScoop cat litter made from 100% whole wheat and is all natural, dust free and clumpable.. This can be bought at Pet Supply Plus. It’s safe to flush small amounts in the toilet.

My cat won't use the litter box?

•If you have difficulty getting your kitty to use the litter box, buy Cat Attract litter and put about ½ inch layer on top of the old litter in the box.

My cat has diarrhea, what do I do?

•If kitty gets diarrhea take up all food for 18 hours, and the stool should return to a normal consistency. If it does not after 24 hrs, you should see your vet. 100% canned pumpkin will also help stool return to normal.

How do I clean my pet's ears?

•Clean ears with a cotton ball or wash cloth with Witch Hazel, but only clean out what you can see! Do not enter the ear canal, leave that to the vet. Be careful not to allow water in the ears when bathing kittens/cats.

How many times do I clip my cats nails?

•Clip nails weekly/biweekly. Never clip past the white part of the nail.

How many times do I bath my cat?

•I bath my cats twice a month. I use Dawn blue and rinse well! Dry them with a hair dryer.

Keep bottoms clean! These fluff balls can sometimes get a messy bottom. You can shave the fur around their bottoms to reduce the chances of them getting dirty. However, if they do get a messy bottom, you may consider a bath or just an under carriage cleaning.

Most importantly, love your kitty!
You can email me with questions or concerns.