About Me 


We live in R.I. and I have been breeding Persians for about 15 years.  

Pets and animals have always been a part of my life.  I can remember visiting my grandmother out in the country with my sister and two brothers.  Each of her neighbors had a farm.  My grandmother would always tell us not to play at the farms.  But we couldn’t resist.  Each time we returned to grandmas for dinner, she would say, “I told you I didn’t want you playing at the farms!”  I could never figure out how she knew we were there!


We would help the farm workers clean the stalls, and we would help gather up the animals at day’s end.  Every once in a while, they would let us ride the horses. 


Growing up, I always had at least one cat in my house.  If I came across a stray cat, I would bring him home, feed him, and try to mend any cuts or scrapes he may have had.  If I couldn’t find the owner, I’d always talk my mom in to letting me keep him.


When I started dating my soon to be husband, I knew he didn’t like cats.  He was a DOG MAN!  So, for years after being married, I didn’t own a cat.  One Christmas, my husband and my son went to the pound, and picked out our first family cat.  Taz!  He was an awesome outdoor pet.  Taz taught my husband that cats are wonderful pets.  My husband grew to love him.  We had Taz for about 5 or 6 years.  I was devastated the day he was killed by a coyote.  But he did pave the way for cats in my home.


After this tragedy, I decided my next cat would be an indoor cat.  I’ve always loved Persians.  I started researching the web and attending cat shows.  I was even open to the idea of having one flown in from another state.  My main priority was to find a reputable breeder that produced healthy, loving cats.  That’s when I went to my first cat show.  One of the breeders was showing a dilute calico.  It was the first time I had ever seen one.  I knew I soon would have my own!


My mom was ill with cancer and we were in the process of building an in-law addition on our house for her.  I really wanted to get her a companion.  My first purchase was a Red and White Van male that I gave to Mom for Christmas.  She loves her cat!  She named him Kal.  [Mama’s Kalvin Klein]. 


About a year later, I bought the Dilute Calico Van I had dreamed of owning!  The only thing is, she’s more my husband’s cat than she is mine.  [Daddy’s Princess].


Special thanks to:
Fran Buckley, my mom.  I miss you mom!